Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas From the Korpis

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I've been to Office Max before, and I've watched several videos on, I've even celebrated a few Christmases through the years, but never did I imagine that the three of these perennial powerhouses of pleasure, presents, and pencils would join forces to make sharing holiday cheer so fun and easy.

After reading the Sunday paper checking out all blow-ins for the Black Sunday deals, I came across the Office Max flier. Not only were they having a great deal on office furniture (which I didn't need) and external terabyte storage drives (which I could use), but they advertised a chance to "Elf Yourself." After checking out the deals on their DVD-R+ and CD-R blank media solutions, I retreated to my computer before the blessed loved ones awoke from their peaceful slumber in MY bed (that's why I was up early) to "Elf" myself and my sleeping beauties.

As they quietly awoke from THEIR peaceful slumber, we gathered around the computer to criticize how well (or unwell) I was able to crop photos around a green elf hat, but mostly to laugh out loud as we enjoyed watching miniature caricatured versions of ourselves dance the disco, Charleston, and country two-step. As we watched and rewatched ourselves doing dips with each other and our new dog "Hannah," (our OTHER dog "Cookie" is very shy) we clicked through the digital "gift shop" where we were enticed with mouse pads, coffee cups, T-shirts, auto decals, hats, ornaments, and photos of our alter egos in very suggestive poses, poses that suggested that we actually knew how to dance, were 2 feet tall with giant heads, and dressed like Peter Pan. We couldn't resist. The question wasn't what NOT to buy, but rather, how much of EACH to buy. We settled on an ornament for the grandparents and a photo for our Christmas cards (which some of you may have received--the secrets out now: the photo was NOT take in our back yard.)

It was with the most unselfish motive that we overpaid for the photo images as my tech-savvyess to capture high-res images of ourselves was was outdone by their tech-savvyness to hook me and force me to pay for them. So much for the holiday spirit of "giving" on their part. But it was money well spent. It sure made our new dog feel like "one of the family."

So enjoy the goofy video from the Korpi family. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and happy belated Thanksgiving.

My your holiday season be filled with as many memorable happy, goofy moments as ours.


Anonymous said...

It's so CUTE!!!!! You did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to each morning as I surf the web.

kwkorpi said...


I'm glad I can add a little purpose to your deserved retirement.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is -too- funny! At the end where it says "This expires {insert date here}! Download and burn it to a DVD!" I was half-expecting "Get blackmailed once the disk is located!" to trail after it. At any rate, nice work on the cropping!

Anonymous said...

I showed my class the video. The TV
broke right before it started!!! I paused it,and they crowded around the small computer-laptop. I had to hide under the table because Mrs. Martin said that the kids couldn't "see." She was right! DUH!!! So, I had to "hide" under the table the whole time!!! Then, the whole other half of the class came and did that, too. My friend, Jose , was crackin' up. Well, Jenna, the little "haircut princess" is rushing me, so I gotta go!!!
Bye!!! --Tate

Anonymous said...

Aww, where did it go?

Andrew said...
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Anonymous said...

I finally got a few minutes to get on the computer. Yes, I've seen this before, but totally enjoyed it again--4 times (I had to show Cade & then Pepaw)! Great job & what a fun & peppy song! Mom