Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TAKS ELA. Today. Hurray!!

The script is now over and students begin

To work by themselves ‘til they get to the end.

Some work really fast, some take frequent breaks,

But all understand that this test is high-stakes!

I actively monitor all through the aisles

And twiddle my thumbs every once in a while.

I sharpen the pencils that have worn to a nub.

And issue the dictionaries that came in my tub.

“Yes you may go on to part number two.”

Hooray! That means that we are almost through!!

Again through the aisles, checking out the essays.

Some are quite good, some . . . a little risqué.

Now there’s one person left, others look on with fervor.

And I have to admit, I’m, too, an eager observer.

He raises his hand. He’s done, I presume . . .

I’m wrong: “Mr. Korpi, can I go to the restroom?”

Oh, so close, yet so far away.

The TAKS has a way of making hours feel like days.

Finally, all tests are turned in,

And the process of learning can again begin.

And so until April, when we do TAKS once more,

We will practice and practice in preparation for,

The ultimate test, over which we obsessively stress,

‘cause we know our progress is measured by its success.

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Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully, you have survived yet another TAKS test monitoring marathon. Hope the kids did well.