Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thoughts on a particular color

Green is . . .
  • not my favorite color.
  • the color of my envy for those whose favorite color is green.
  • verdant.
  • associated with Martians, even though Mars is red.
  • is a noun, adjective, and a mistaken adverb.
  • is the best color my kids can get at school for their conduct.
  • is the worst color my kids' hot dogs can be in their school cafeteria.
  • is the actual color of my kids' hot dogs in their school cafeteria.
  • is nearly chartreuse
  • the latest fad.
  • very expensive.
  • something worth going.
  • not easy to be.
  • the old color of my grass before the summer of 2009.
  • an unnatural hair color.
  • a signal meaning "go" for a grape, "wait" for a banana, and "stop" for a school hot dog (a la Mitch Hedberg).
  • is a funny color for a lantern.
  • the color of some bugs (see photo above or click here.)
  • the only color that can get you pinched if you're not wearing it on one particular day.
  • a color that often appears in the loo after a fresh insertion of "2000 flushes." (oooh gross . . . )
  • a difficult topic for an entire blog.
Tell me what green is to you by replying.


LC said...


Freckles said...

-"Gruene" misspelled
-color of my science folders & notebooks in school (I color-coded by subject)

kwkorpi said...

I like Money and Gruene misspelled. Science folders are kinda cool too. Green is ALSO the status of all the first-year teachers this year on campus.

LC said...

How about the color I wish my grass was?

bob s said...

I'm green with envy......

Kirby said...

Green is my favorite color!! lol :)