Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bum Knee

Back in early 2004, I had a horrible experience with my knee. I tore my ACL. No big deal, right? Maybe. In my case, a definite "NO!!" After three unsuccessful surgeries, two staph infections, two pic-lines, and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, I still have No ACL in my right knee. Apparently there was enough trauma and scar tissue in the area that my knee is sufficient for most activities (although I still don't partake in basketball, tackle football, or professional wrestling.) A brief explanation of how it happened can be found here, but below is a recap in verse.

I once had a wonderful knee,
that could bend and flex carefree.
But the ACL tore,
the knee worked no more,
and to fix it required surgery.

A hamstring graft reconstruction,
and plenty of rehab instructions.
After 2 weeks and a day,
the doctor did say,
that I contracted a bacterial infection.

So back in the OR I went,
for irrigation and debrisment.
All my progress was lost,
at an increasing cost.
All my hope and my money was spent.

Six weeks of Vanco I took.
We were fighting the bug by the book.
Then I go my line out,
and the world heard me shout,
'cause it seemed I was now of the hook.

The next 5 weeks were a blast.
My knee got stronger real fast.
Flexing and bending,
my knee that was mending,
the worst part was now in the past.

Then one morning I woke up and, "OUCH!!"
I stood up and started to slouch.
My knee was in pain,
"Oh no! Not again!!"
As I stared at the fluid-filled pouch.

When my doctor sucked out the fluid,
He and I immediately knew it:
The infection was back,
and a near hear attack--
a third time. Ya, that oughta do it.

"Fantastic!" I said with a grin.
I was having surgery again.
But this time we'll get it,
We'll just pay it on credit.
"I won't let bacteria win!"

And this time Doc took out the graft.
Scraping it out of its shaft.
Back to square one,
all this work now undone.
I should have cried, but I laughed.

So back on the Vanco once more.
And my knee is ever so sore.
But recover I must,
'cause it's "new knee or bust."
'cause a dad that can't run is a bore.

So we'll try it again in some year.
But next time, one thing is clear:
To avoid all this peril,
I'll get a room that is sterile.
(And live the next 5 weeks in fear.)

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