Sunday, March 9, 2008

Liberating Vice: An Oxymoronic Poem

I’m afraid I’ve been too brave again.

I gone overboard and come to terms with me

I let her down and now she’s fed up

I’m happy that I’m sad again

It sucks so bad here that it blows

I’m so hungry that I can’t eat a thing

There’s nothing left that feels right.

For someone so hot she is colder than ice

I have felt way too much that I now feel numb

The only smart thing to do is to play dumb

I’m so tired that I cannot sleep

I’ve been assisting my self in my helplessness

Wanting something more and absolutely nothing else

Come over here and leave me alone

Come listen to me think, but not so loud

Of my lack of confidence, I’ve become quite proud

I love to hate you and hate to love you

I lied to you before like I’m lying here now

Without the worry, I think I’d go mad

The stress puts me at ease and puts calm over me

I can only discover what I’ve already found

Please help me to live by myself without you

Oh the pleasurable shame this act would produce

The tighter I get, the more I feel lyrically loose

I can’t slow down quickly because I’m too fast to be slow

When I get myself highest is when I feel the most low

When things are at there darkest do I begin to see the bright light

Why are things bad when they feel oh so good?

The more I please myself, the more I hurt us


Anonymous said...

now,some of these could be very real! tell me they did not come out of a book.

kwkorpi said...

Yes, a book . . . .the book in my head. It's a big book with unnumbered pages. Coffee stains everywhere.