Thursday, May 1, 2008


Each year in Texas (and others) in the great month of April

Students and teachers go through the same drill

It’s standardized test time in schools throughout the nation

Kids report to their classroom, and teachers report to their duty station

At stake for the students is their high school diploma

Whether for the rest of their lives they will be able to afford steak or bologna

Social studies, science, English and math

The skills they will need to follow a good career path.

If they fail, they are doomed to take the test all over again.

And again, and again, and again, ad nauseum.

“No Child Left Behind” is the mandated law

That says that not just the few kids that can pass it should pass it, but even the ones who can’t pass it at all.

At stake for the teachers is to escape public outcry

For they must get all to pass, even those kids who don’t even try.

It’s harder and harder for teachers to be so patient and kind

Since this law was enacted, “No Child Left Behind.”

So they pull out their hair in preparing all their pupils

And are tempted to resort to methods going against their professional scruples.

Practice test after practice test is given, blitzing just before the big day

In hopes that all students will make it and get their diploma in May.

‘cause they know if they don’t , there’ll be more pressure next year

When the students from last year are again, this year, still here.

‘cause there’s only one thing worse than the annual testing . . .

And that’s teaching the skills, year after year, after year, to the same group of students

(which is downright detesting).


Anonymous said...

Not to gloat but I have given my last TAKS __________ (you fill in the blank)! If I can remember next April I will certainly think of you drill, kill, review and blitz until you can stand no more.
bob s

kwkorpi said...

From the same man heard singing in the halls after turning in his testing materials for the last time to the Twisted Sister tune of "We're not gonna take it" . . .

"I'm not gonna give this, No, I ain't gonna give this. I ain't gonna give this anymore!! Ha Ha"

Ah, yes bob s, we'll miss your singing . . . ."I like it here, I like it here, I found myself a home . . . "