Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot Stoves and Pretty Girls

Being the end of the school year, and full of bureaucratic red tape to cut through, legalistic hoops to jump through, and a exponentially reproducing pile of papers to contend with, this blog is temporarily shutting down. Please check back daily, as "temporarily" has relative, variable connotations.

For instance, as Einstein said, "when you're sitting with a pretty girl, an hour seems like a second. When you're sitting on a hot stove, a second seems like an hour." If you think about how long ago the dinasours ruled the earth (or perhaps gave serious input while on earth), and the relatively short amount of time they actually trounced around the globe, it make our existence but a proverbial "blip" on the map, like one of the canary islands (actually NOT named after the chirping, singing birds, but rather . . . DOGS.) When you think about it this way, it make the life of the day-trader even more ephemeral than the life of a Mayfly, whose name is a gross exaggeration of its life-span (kind of like the "Milleniumsaur" who didn't actually live to be 1000 years old.)

So I will refrain from writing today, showing the self-restraing exhibited by the T-Rex, the suppossed ferocious carnivore (although this is disputed today) when happening upon a lame Compsognathus dinosaur wearing glasses (they were supposedly only the size of a chicken and tasted like a . . . well . . . we can only imagine): I will pass on the opportunity to strike. Instead I will forgoe the routine ranting and the typical daily diatribe.

So please don't feel dissapointed with me if I have not provided you with your usual diversion from whatever it is you should be doing. Think of it as my way of trying to make you more productive, as I intend to be. We all have things to do, and it is time that we give these matters the consideration they deserve. With that, I end this blog entry (which doesn't even exist) so that I can begin mapping out the rest of my academic year, lest it go on without me.

Here's to sitting on a hot stove with a pretty girl!


Anonymous said...

"Diatribe!", that's one of my GRE words thanks for using it. Use more of them.

kwkorpi said...

1) see also fulmination, harangue, jeremiad, philippic.
2) the small ruling clan who live entirely within a perfect circle of unit diameter one mile (located in the remote, hidden jungle of West Philadelphia.)