Friday, August 29, 2008

A Quickie

I just got in from our school's first football game of the year, an away game that is the oldest rivalry in Texas: NB vs. Seguin.

We won . . . big time, by almost 50 points. Our defense scored almost as much as our offense.

It felt good to haul the mascot again and to be down on the field with the coaches, players, and student spirit groups.

I'm tired, though. After standing all week and not being used to it, standing again on the field from 6 to 11 pm really takes a toll on my back and feet.

I'm also hungry.

I'm going to wind down, see what's in the fridge, and see what's on Sportscenter.

Better yet, I see what the late-night pundits have to say about McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for Veep candidate.

Hasta manana.

Good Luck Mr. McCain.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So you think a football game tires you out, try a yellow lab. We had a lost yellow lab show up at our door on Monday. 1000lbs of pure energy. She is in good shape which led me to think someone would call for her after we notified all the vets, shelters and animal control, but not one call or reported missing dog. We have someone coming today to look at her so hopefully she will have a new home this afternoon. If not, does anyone need an older, female yellow lab?????