Monday, August 18, 2008

What's in a drink?

OK, so it was my first day back at school after the most exhilarating summer break since my children have been in the picture. Although the first day of mandatory in-service was anything but mentally taxing (perhaps "patience taxing"), I couldn't block the thoughts that pervaded my mind as I drove home this afternoon: alcohol.

Sure, I also thought about yielding and stopping and staying in my own lane, but I felt like I needed some sort of "cleansing" from the synthetic hullabaloo that the day had brought on. When I got home, I didn't deny myself the enjoyment of a good can of suds. As I savored the taste of the malt, barley, and hops upon my palette, I thought about WHY I had so desired to pop the top to begin with, and why I was unable to shake the thought from my consciousness.

Was it because of the taste? Was it because of the ceremony of it all? I put it down in verse.

We all love to sip a mojito
With the taste and rush so sublime.
Yes we all love to taste the mojito.
We willingly lay down our dimes
Yes we all love to drink a mojito
How they effortlessly help us go numb.
For that savory taste
Not a moment we waste
To purchase that savory Rum.

Yes we all love to take Jello shots
That gelatinous jiggle we crave
Yes we all love to slurp Jello shots
‘Cause we know that we’ll always behave.
Oh, we all love to gulp Jello shots
How they help us interpret Franz Kafka
As they go down they jiggle
They cause us to giggle
I think it’s because of the Vodka

We all love Long Island Iced Tea
With its soothing, thirst quenching taste
When drinking Long Island Iced Tea
Not an ounce if it must go to waste
Yes we all love Long Island Iced Tea
Though it has no tea, what a sin
The drink is our friend
‘cause of its delicious blend
Of Vodka, Tequila, and Gin.

There’s nothing like a good Margarita
To go with a meal or without.
It’s hard to beat great Margaritas.
A favorite among us, no doubt
So blend me up one Margarita
And please do it quickly, sir will ya’?
‘cause now is the time
For the salt and the lime
And please don’t skimp on the tequila.

And then there’s the straight sippin’ whiskey
You don’t need no blender or ice
Just a mouth to enjoy straight sippin’ whiskey
Just a bottle and you will suffice
But there’s all kinds of great sippin’ whiskey
Call it bourbon, white lightning, or booze.
Like an old west cowboy
You’re sure to enjoy
Feeling so tall and so bulletproof.


Anonymous said...

Have a great school year!

kwkorpi said...

Hey Bob,

We're all thinking about YOU this time of year. I'm sure this time of year right now is especially sweet to you. Enjoy it, because you've earned it and you deserve it.