Thursday, January 1, 2009

Start Over

Today is a day of new beginnings, the first day of the year. It is a day that brings new opportunities, new hopes, and new expectations. Although it is just another day in the continuum of our lives, January 1st is a symbolic that we, under the Gregorian Calendar, attach importance to.

Not only do we need to go out an purchase new 12-month calendars, but we are urged to rush in and buy remaining 2008 autos at never before heard of low prices in order to make room for new models. We are hastened to take advantage of 1-day only blowout, door-busting prices at local merchants, sales that won't recur until later in the week.

It's a day the local hospital and its pregnant denizens race and push and breath and push some more to be the first to give birth to the first baby of the year. It's also a day that all of our hospital insurance deductibles reset to zero, which means we all walk around a little more careful and cautious as to avoid any foolish, unnecessary trips to emergency room.

Today also marks the beginning of the end of the college football season, as we jockey for position on the sofa in front of the television to watch any of the multitude of interesting bowl games, a tune up for the NFL playoffs and the upcoming Super Bowl. But as many sit around and cheer for their favorite team, they do so with new found restraint and resolve, avoiding excessive potato chips, dips, fatty foods, beer, and other unhealthy, hedonistic habits.

Yes, New Year's Day is a day of ephemeral resolutions, a definitive day on a new calendar to start a clean slate and live more productive, salubrious lives.

Today, many vow to themselves or to others that they will eat less and exercise more. To save more and spend less. To smoke less and breathe more. To drink less alcohol and bump into fewer things. To spend more time with family and friends and blog less. To reduce stress and increase rest, relaxation, and recreation. To spend more time learning something new, like playing a musical instrument, speaking a foreign language, or how to do laundry (different colors, different temperatures, with or without bleach, . . . ) To get organized and file away all those papers on top of the filing cabinet, find that buried can of black-eyed peas in the back of the pantry, or to clean out the closet full of clothes that won't be in style or fit for a few more years, or to clean out the refrigerator and finally get rid of the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

Whatever you decide to do today, be it to rush out and buy a closeout auto model then zip to the local Kohl's in time for the Night Owl specials, stay home and watch football with the family while munching on carrot sticks, or begin organizing your life by carefully writing down a few attainable goals for the year, I wish you luck and success in each of your endeavors and health and happiness on this new day, in this new month, in this new year, in this new life.

Excuse me now while my family and I gather around the TV to watch "Tinkerbell" over a bowl of "Healthy Heart" cereal wearing our matching "Hannah Montana" pajamas.

Oh, the festival of living!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year !! We went to Canyon Lake Dam and walked across the top and then went on the nature trail where the Guadalupe River starts again.

Back to school is getting closer and closer so I guess it's time to start lesson planning again. Oh bother.

Enjoy the long weekend.

kwkorpi said...

That reminds me of something Winnie the Pooh said as his breaks went out: "Oh bother."

I'm going to have to check out that nature trail as soon as my knee gets better.

I'm kind of excited about getting back into the classroom come Monday.

Anna Lefler said...

I love this post! Thanks so much for visiting my blog...

It takes a big man to wear Hannah Montana PJs.

Rock on.

And Happy New Year.

:^) Anna