Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bird on the Bridge

I walked along a lonely bridge
and looked among the clouds.
Each step I took was just by feel
My footfalls were not loud.

I tried to make out constellations
out among the stars
but all I saw were random bursts
sprinkled out afar

I looked for meaning on that night
of why I walked this Earth
Of why I had to some day die
and why my mom gave birth

The wind whipped through me like fire on ice
it stopped me in my thought
I shrugged and shivered among the black
I forged, and cried, and fought.

The bridge gave way to massive winds
I shook above its beams
the vacillation made me feel
Like I was in a dream

And dream I wish that I was in
'cause I felt so alone
I wondered how far down it was
so I threw down a stone.

It took so long before I heard
the plopping of the rock
but time stood still as I counted
my mind's internal clock

A mockingbird just then flew by
I thought I heard it laugh
with me but not at me
It seemed to speak on my behalf

I forced a smile amidst the black
I walked back towards the shore
limping slowly, carefully
Not like I did before

I reached the end where buttress' fly
support lay all around
and soon enough, I stood upon
the safety of the ground

The bird flew by one final time
as I climbed inside my car
"Be thankful not for what you were,
but rather what you are."

I turned the key and turned the page
as I set out down the road
thankful for that quiet night
and the insight it bestowed.


Anonymous said...

Did you write that? If yes, why?

Anonymous said...

Wow, a great mathematician and a poet too. When are you going to start teaching upper level English??

kwkorpi said...

Yes I wrote the poem.

I was feeling nostalgic and reminiscing about all the time I spent sneaking onto the then closed Faust Street Bridge back in High School.

Ethereal experiences, no doubt.