Thursday, February 26, 2009


Holy Moley (Moly?) Can one guy get any busier (lazier)? It seems like me insatiable need to get my thoughts onto virtual paper have been satiated by the simple demands of living, and teaching, and vacationing, and pricing buckets of buckets of garage sale items (who knew an attic could ever fill up with so much stuff--almost gravity defying.)

Since our mini three-day vacation to the coast over Presidents Day, spending the time in a high-dollar condo with "free internet access" that didn't work at all (despite my multiple attempts to connect it legally, illegally, and serendiptiously), I haven't felt much like doing anything but laying around when I can watching the history channel while experimenting with the comfort levels of different parts of the couch. Of course there's still the obligations of being a father of two, a husband of one, and a teacher of many, but there's little motivation beyond that.

I've even quit listening to NPR, and instead have indulged in Pink's discography (she sure cusses more than Michele Norris.) I've even given up my staple of Iron Maiden listening for the only band more vulgar than pink and harder than a diamond: Five Finger Death Punch (they ironically do NOT make me want to watch David Carradine reruns.)

I've been using every bit of residual energy and motivation just to attend my kid's "Science Night" at there school, return phone calls to close friends, and keep my eyelids open during "American Idol" (which the entire family schedule's their life around--the DVR watching of.) Perhaps I've just grown weary of brow-beating myself and my the constant pain of the pinched nerve in my arthritic neck . . . perhaps.

Even the novelty of the new elliptical has worn off, as I just can't convince myself that the tool cabinet in front of me in my garage is really a beautiful ever-changing vista I could be enjoying on a REAL run through my favorite parts of town that my bum knee still prevent me from doing.

The honeymoon with the Xbox Live/Netflix thing ended abruptly as I realized that no matter what the price/bargain/savings, I just cannot make it through a full hour of "The Best of Tim Conway (he's not as good without Harvey Korman trying to keep a straight face aroun him.)" Actually, I love that stuff, I just don't see why I should pay to watch it for a fee when I can watch it for free on "Youtube" and "Hulu" (which are other reasons why I've lost my initiative for going above and beyond.

Additionally, I've quit rising at 4 am (or the periodic 1am-ers) and have forced myself to stay in bed until 6am or so, not that I'm sleeping. I haven't even the motivation to get up, exercise, watch Sportscenter, and twidle my thumbs or a few hours in the wee-hours of the morning anymore. I don't even get up to quiet my barking dog (who barks in her sleep--and in her awake) until I'm convinced she's not going to stop on her own (after 20 minutes) or that a neighbor might be agrily knocking on my door in the middle of the night (which would only require too much effort.)

Perhaps all I need is a good chiropractic adjustment, a good night's sleep, and some more Tim Conway.

Maybe all I really need to get out of my "blog-less" slump is to simply blog more. Afterall, the best cure for insomnia is sleep.

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