Monday, July 21, 2008

Mecca Perfecta

There's a place in Florida in Lake Buena Vista
A place for a mom, a dad, a brother, and a sista.
It's the most magical place to which I've ever been
Its a place so wonderful, you can't help but to grin.
For a once in a lifetime family vacation,
It's hard to beat the Disney imagination.
On the faces of all there's perpetual smiles.
And the friendly folks working there make it worth traveling all those miles.
You might know of the place, or perhaps you've been there.
But if you have or you haven't, I'll make you aware
Of how special a place it actually is.
Whether you're looking to break the bank, or break into show biz.
It's run by a mouse, and his charming crew
Who go out of their way to make things easy for you.
Everything's grand, designed to a "T"
Where the only thing small is the Mouse's girl, "Minnie."
From bedknobs and broomsticks to Winnie the Pooh.
You never run out of amazing things to do.
Around every corner there's kiosks galore
That beacon your wallet for more, more, more.
You walk 'round with mouse ears, lanyards, and hats,
T-shirts and ice cream and souvenir bats.
When you're hot you can mist-off in some "Mickey Mouse" vapor,
And when doing your thing, finish up with Mickey's soft toilet paper.
The grass is all green and the trees nicely pruned,
The sidewalks are clean, and the bands are in tune.
The service is impeccable, the food is amazing.
You don't even feel miserable at 2 p.m., even though the lines are long and the sun is blazing.
You can ride roller coasters, magic carpets, and cups made for tea,
Laugh along with some monsters, or talk to a turtle under the sea.
Sit back and enjoy unbelievable shows,
Watch parades filled with fireworks, don commemorative clothes.
Get balloons and gizmos for the kids and your spouse,
It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's sold by The Mouse.
Or a duck or a bear or a small wooden boy,
be it a new kitchen sink or a disposable toy.
Yes for the dog-days of summer there's no better way
Than to head out to Disney for some days filled with play.
But the only dogs on the street are Pluto and Goofy.
But not a sound comes from their mouth, not even an "arf," "bark," or "woofy."
You take thousand of pictures to commemorate the trip
Including a few dozen of that crazy duo of Dale and Chip.
And you can't snap enough photos of family just walking,
Lest you miss a chance to have a snapshot over which it's worth talking.
But keep your eyes open, our you're likely to miss.
The true splendor of Disney's magnificence.
'Cause in the smallest of corners on a forgotten trail,
There's attention in design with the most extravagant detail.
And on some back hidden alley in the middle of the street,
You'll run into the kindest of characters you ever will meet.
They'll sign their name in your autograph book,
And pose for a picture with a signature look.
There are so many princesses and so many castles
That you're sure to forget your life back home and all of its hassles.
But on occasion you encounter a small episode
of a kid and his parent who's about to explode.
So for each sweaty kid who is tired of strolling,
It's up to the parents to do some cajoling,
'Cause at Disney everyone's REQUIRED to have a smile that's beaming,
Even if it takes a little parental yelling and screaming.
Until your vacation draws close to its end
And you've run out of things on which you can spend
As you've just gotten used to the magic so inspired.
You're feet hurt, your neck aches, and your kids are so tired.
'Cause as all good things must end, so must your time in the land of Pooh's honey,
Rest assured that your memories will outlast your money.


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute. You should submit your poem to DisneyWorld. Maybe you will get a free trip for next summer. LC

bob s said...

Sounds like all had a great time. Might have even been slightly better than a rousing Calculus BC class.

Tatertot said...



Anonymous said...

Who would have ever imagined, along with your other talents, you are also a poet!! I'm so glad you take the time to share your thoughts with us, as well as the thousands of pictures!
Love, Mom