Thursday, September 6, 2007

An Honest Dollar

I was just reading about 15 shoppers who entered a Dollar General store on Labor Day in Colorado.

It turns out that the store was actually closed, but the shoppers were able to enter due to a faulty lock on the door. When they entered, music was playing and the lights were on, so nobody was suspicious . . . . . until . . . . . . it came time to ring up their desired purchases.

Apparently, they got it all figured out. Authorities were called, the lock was fixed, and the customers had to go home to wait it out until Tuesday. Amazingly, nothing was stolen from the store, which goes to show that people will buy anything for a buck, but if it's free junk, they'll often pass.

I'm also curious why there was such a rush to get those great holiday deals at the dollar store. I can imagine they were letting the expired, generic cake mixes go for only 68 cents, or had the dead batteries on a BOGO sale.

And I can understand having the lights on when the store is closed for security reasons. I mean, those stores are prime targets for the professional burglar who needs to add to his refrigerator magnet collection, but why play music? Could it be that the employees were so exhausted after the Super Sunday Savings Sale that they merely forgot to turn it off after their shift? Or maybe they purchased their radio on isle five in their own store and it COULDN'T turn off?

I just hope when the manager came to repair the lock, he replaced it with one he purchased from his competitor.

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