Thursday, September 20, 2007

Math is . . .

I love teaching. I love teaching kids. I love teaching kids math. I love teaching kids math on a high level. Aside from parenting, it is the toughest and most far-reaching jobs that one could ever love.

Math is . . .

· Filled with many wonderful discoveries

· Lends itself nicely to the development of useful habits of mind

· Is not open to arbitration or subjectivity

· Is replete with humanistic tales and historical accounts of mysticism, deceit, and even murder

· Helps one think more analytically and heuristically

· Is useful in its utility in daily activities

· Is a Universal language

· Is the language of Nature, our surroundings, and the Universe

· Is the handmaiden to the sciences

· Is something everyone should learn how to do and appreciate

· Makes one a better person for life

· Doesn’t require the use of a calculator

· May be used outside of a math classroom

· Improves performance in all other academic areas

· Should be practiced and reflected upon daily

· Power

· A beneficial skill that never leaves you

· NOT just a bunch of dry rules and equation

· Not just about “finding x.”

· Not a four-letter word, in a certain sense.

· Not about just what is going to be on the test

· Not just another class to go to

· Not the primary source of income for the Sylvan Learning Center (well, maybe it is)

And finally . . .

· FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, If I can only convince my math students!!!!!!!!!!

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