Friday, September 7, 2007

I can't . . . . .stop . . . . .talk . . . ing.

I don't know what it is about students in class. They seldom have anything to say when you call on them, and can't seem to be quiet when they need to be.

I've noticed that this uncontrollable talking reflex is exacerbated at the conclusion of their quiz or test-taking activity. Despite the polite request by the teacher, "When you are finished with your test, please turn it in and remain quiet until all tests have been completed," the incessant talking persists. Do they think they are WHISPERING? Even direct, not-so-subtle hints like, "please keep all talking to telepathic whispers until all tests are completed" go unheeded. Perhaps they don't know what telepathy is. I mean, they certainly don't know what body language is or they would see the teacher about to jump out of their skin.

It's no use appealing to the plight of their fellow student, "Please remain quiet until all tests are completed. Each student deserves the same quiet atmosphere to help facilitate their most lucid, concentrated efforts." Their selfishness prevails over any empathy they might have for their academic comrades. In fact, perhaps they think they are bettering their OWN chances for a higher grade by DELIBERATELY distracting those who might otherwise do better than they. Sneaky, Sly, and Disrespectful . . .

Even the occasional poignantly direct "SHUTUP ALREADY!!!" false on deaf ears and loose lips.

I guess the only alternative is to take the governmental route to dealing with a crisis--lots and lots of duct tape.

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