Sunday, December 2, 2007

No time for sleep

I don't usually like to admit it, but I really do enjoy good restful sleep. The problem is, being an industrious, busy-body type, I see sleep as a necessary luxury, but with too many things to do, I dare not indulge in soporific slumbers, lest I become hedonistic and behind in my work. Last night, however, after returning late from a victorious football game, I was so sleepy, I could sleep with a horse . . . (some analogies aren't transferable.) I hit the pillow with greedy delight.

Yesterday was filled with activities that varied from a math club decorating function, to a family event on the town square, to a 12-hour out of town commitment to our football team. With everything I got done, I was still unable to run, blog, create my Algebra show for this week, grade papers, get to my chiropractor, count to a million, feed my animals, shower, or watch college football. Knowing that I would have to cram most of these things into TODAY's schedule, except college football and perhaps bathing, I knew I would need a good-night's rest. But did I really have time for such selfish toadying?

Knowing that my children would be spending the night at their grandparents meant that my wife and I would have the King-size bed to ourselves (Yes, my 7 year-old son and 4 year-old daughter do occasionally crawl into bed with us. By occasionally, I mean every night they are home.) It also meant that the kids wouldn't be there in the morning to wake us up prematurely . . . . but DANG, then I remembered my Sunday morning tennis session at daybreak. With an understanding tennis partner, I figured I'd play that one by ear. With any luck, I'd dream of a playing great tennis and sleep right through the real tennis.

Well, I was successful at sleeping in through the tennis match, although I can't remember dreaming of anything at all. Having slept in until 8:30am (a near record,) I still only got 6.5 hours of sleep (about average for me), but I DO feel ready to take on the rest of the day, which will include this blog, a Monday Mail newsletter to my students, folding laundry, hanging Christmas lights, setting up inflatable snowmen, a long run, watching NFL football, writing my Algebra show, apologizing to my tennis partner, grading papers, making a house call to my chiropractor, eating lunch with the in-laws, feeding my animals, fighting off the guilt of having slept in until 8:30, and maybe, just maybe even a taking a shower.

It looks like I'm going to need another good-night's rest again tonight.

I already imagine myself dreaming of being kicked in the ribs by little hands of feet, then awaking several times during the night to discover that dreams really do come true!

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