Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Results of the Aspiration . . . .

It's YELLOW!!! I'm sitting at the hospital going through the admitting process. The surgical team in the OR is already waiting for me. The infection is back, or it never went away. That would explain all the pain I've been having.

I'll be out from school the rest of the week, and with my tenacity and stubbornness, I'll be back on Monday. The last time I had an infection, the third one was the charm. I hope it is again.

Can you tell how well I'm masking my frustration and anguish?

As Pat Buchanan said to his military draft board, "Bad knee, gotta run."


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Korpi.
When your wife called me on your cell phone I knew the news was not good. I'm so sorry. I hope the surgery goes well.

Get the 7.5 or 10mg pain pills. The 5mg pill is child's play.

We are thinking about you. LC

Thomas Korpi said...

hope my "news story" cheered you up. next time i go to nb, i'm borrowing tom's hatchet and we'll fix ya real-good-like. ;)